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Dental Visits: What Can You Expect from a Dental Visit

Regular Dental Visits to your dentist is important to maintain good oral health and avoid any dental problems. A skilled eye from your dentist may spot things long before they become problematic later on. However, many patients are nervous when it comes to visiting a dentist, so we wanted to help set your mind at ease giving you some of the insights to what you can expect on your visit.

What to expect on your next dental visit

It’s “D” day, pun intended, and time to have your “pearlies” checked. No need to get nervous, but sometimes this just goes with the territory (even though it isn’t necessary at all). The following will take place:

Dental/health history

If it’s your first time at the dental practice, your dentist in centurion would check your dental history and any health-related history. Some dental issues, as well as health conditions, are hereditary, so doing this as groundwork always helps with understanding any findings and tests later on.

Dental cleaning

The hygienist or dentist will clean your teeth and gum line. Oftentimes, plaque and bacteria will build-up under the gum line and cause cavities and even receding gums if not taken care of. With regular flossing and brushing, it isn’t always enough to get deep under the gum line and reach these spots. Your dentist Dr Pinheiro may advise you on ways to clean your teeth more effectively. The dental cleaning will include polishing, using specialized tools.

Your dental examination

The dental exam is performed to check for signs of gum disease and other dental problems; this will need the skilled eye of your Centurion dental care specialist. They also use special equipment such as X-rays to have a better look at the structure of your mouth. X-rays will also help to establish if there are deeper underlining issues such as tumors, abscess, and impacted teeth for example.

Speak freely with your dentist in Centurion

Patient-doctor confidentiality applies throughout the medical industry and you can speak freely with your dentist. You should share your concerns and inquire about any information you’d like to know about your current and future dental work.

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